Galaxy note 9

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is arguably one of the best smartphones in the market till date. With its gorgeous screen, brilliant camera and sleek design, you are definitely in for a delightful treat if you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. While the phone is for everyone’s use, its price tag might not be for everyone’s pocket. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the second only $1000 smartphone in the market. Let’s look at some of its features to decide whether it’s worthy of that investment.

One of the major specialties of a galaxy note 9 is the large display. With its rich colors, the screen displays a gorgeous contrast while also being extremely useful for multi-app functions. Using the split screen function on a galaxy note 9’s 6.4-inch display is such a pleasant experience that it hardly ranks close to any other.


The Galaxy Note 9 supports the latest and most powerful smartphone chip of 2018, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. The same chip is used in most common smartphone devices in 2018, but the Galaxy Note 9 has an advantage with its extra RAM. The base model comes with 6 GB of RAM, and the higher-end model comes with 8 GB of RAM. These specifications are similar to those of the OnePlus 6 which is just a tad bit faster in processing than the galaxy note 9. Needless to say, the galaxy note 9 is no slouch but the OnePlus 6 has remained unbeaten so far.

As far as the camera on the galaxy note 9 is concerned, it is hands done one of the best on nay smartphone. Additionally, Samsung added some camera smarts that let the Galaxy Note 9 recognize certain objects or scenes you’re taking a photo of and adjust the camera settings that best match them, making picture-taking a very convenient an pleasant experience giving you the best results.

If you’re comparing the $1,000 Galaxy Note 9 with the $1,000 iPhone X, the Galaxy Note 9 is the superior phone in our opinion. With the iPhone X, you’re just getting a fancy iPhone but with the Galaxy Note 9, you’re getting a whole lot more. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a more complete all-in-one kind of device that makes it comfortable to do more on the phone because of its large screen and the S Pen. It is, indeed, designed with the power user in mind, and it’s priced as such..

The Galaxy Note 9 is the only $1,000 smartphone that can be considered actually worthy of its price tag, at least for power users who would benefit from the Galaxy Note 9’s large display and S Pen. Regular smartphone users should do fine with smaller, S Pen-less smartphones like the Galaxy S9 or other top Android phones. For those users, we recommend the OnePlus 6. The Samsung Galaxy note 9 is a wonderful phone with top notch features which can be considered one of Samsung’s best released devices till date.

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