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The new iPad Pro is undoubtedly the best tablet till date and Apple has made sure, this time around, to incorporate as many gorgeous features as it can in a device almost as thin as paper. With its corner-to-corner wide, bright and colorful all-screen display, the iPad Pro is Apple’s most accurate attempt towards making ‘technology disappear’. The tablet has no home button and the bezel is only as wide as it needs to be in order to hide the camera sensors for the FaceID to work which it does, brilliantly. Additionally, the newly designed pencil is also greatly useful as it automatically charges when attached to the side of the tablet. Moreover, Apple has even attempted to improve its keyboard case, providing greater support for the back of the iPad and two positions for the screen.

The iPad pro generally feels very different than the older versions, with its paper-thin, 5.9mm sleek design that is surprisingly convenient to carry around without a case. There are additional changes to power, now using the USB-C to recharge. USB-C also provides you the facility to plug the iPad in to monitor opening doors to wide range of different tasks you can accomplish on the big screen of your monitor.

The biggest and possibly the only drawback in the entire design in the omission of the headphone socket. While it was pretty inevitable, given the new iPhone designs already doing quite well in the market, the move is actually a shame on Apple’s part. As far as the processing speed is concerned, the new iPad Pros are astonishing. According to Apple, they are now faster than most PCs in the market and this has been proven. The demos that Apple showed are proof that the use of the ever powerful A12X has transformed creative apps such as the full version of the Adobe Photoshop.



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