The ultimate iPhone X

Every year around this time, the iPhone craziness begins. The new updates and new models every year excite the people. With hundreds of guesses and a year full of anticipation, thousands of memes and a long list of pre-orders, the iPhone X finally launched a few days ago. Use the advanced online shopping to order yours now. But first, let’s have a thorough look at the new phone model and figure out if the whole year’s wait was worth it or not.

What’s all the rage about?

The one thing that caught everyone’s attention from day one was the iPhone X being an all screen, no buttons phone. Other than being an all screen phone, it comes with face recognition which leads to face unlock. Now that did bring forth a lot of jokes but on a serious note, that is pretty cool. Imagine waking up in the morning and the phone unlocks itself without having to speak, entering a code, swiping the unlock button or matching your fingerprint to the sensor. To be honest, these two specifications alone won the hearts of many. A lot of people didn’t even look further into it and pre-ordered the phone right away.

More specs

Now let’s talk about the nerd stuff. The 5.8-inch display screen is a super retina technology in the iPhone X. That along with the OLED technology brings out colors of a quality that you’ve never experienced before. That brings you an online shopping experience unlike anything else can offer. The edges have been slightly rounded to accommodate the button-less display screen.  The entire phone is glass, the front as well as the back. It is dust as well as water resistant to a certain extent. The surgical grade stainless steel adds to the sleek design. The previous year, Apple introduced us to wireless earphones. Well, this time it is wireless charging! Does that mean charging without having to stick to a plug on the wall? Surprisingly, yes! Now you can continue your online shopping with the iPhone without having any battery limitation.



Now, since there is no home button, most of the navigation is based on simple movements. For example, in order to exit an app to get to the home page, you use the simple gesture of a single swipe. That might take you a little getting used to. Next in line is the camera. Like every year, Apple has won in this category. There is nothing that can beat an iPhone’s camera. The portrait mode in the iPhone X front camera lets you capture professional level selfies as well.


Is it worth it?

The phone does cost around a thousand dollars. Is it worth spending so much money?

The answer depends on your preferences and priorities. If you live for a sleek phone with very advanced technology, user-friendliness as well as a great camera, the answer is a straight up yes. You can’t deny the face recognition and the sleek glass design. If you wish to splurge, go ahead and order the phone today!