Nintendo Switch

The Switch is Nintendo’s new hybrid console which aims to give you the best of the home and handheld consoles, all in one. It’s considered to one convenient package. It’s the first gaming system through which you can start playing a game on the big screen in your lounge, then grab the console, slot in the controllers and continue playing on the bus or train – or anywhere else – until the battery runs out.

This is possible only because the gadget has an incredibly clever and versatile design. The console itself is a 6.2-inch tablet that plugs into an HDMI/USB-C dock with two removable Joy-Con controllers can be slot into the tablet when you’re on the move, but work through Bluetooth when you’re not. While it can’t match the PS4 or Xbox One for graphics horsepower – let alone the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro – it has enough to run games of a similar caliber.

The Switch has thick bezels and a 6.2-inch capacitive touchscreen sporting a 1280 x 720 resolution, making it a chunky tablet. However, its construction is rock solid and it has a very classy metallic finish. The Switch might be the slimmest, slickest and least obtrusive console ever made.

The screen on the Nintendo switch does not support a 1080p display yet the 720p seems fairly reasonable on a handheld device. The supplied accessories are the real magic of the gadget, particularly the dual Joy-Con controllers. These slide into the rails on the side of the Switch with a satisfying click, sliding out again when you press a button on the rear of each controller.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch. The gaming gadget is a winner as far the convenience is concerned. Gaming-on-the-go is a major plus point of the new model with its bright, colorful screen and versatile Joy-Con controllers. The Nintendo switch comes with a collection of some truly incredible games which are sure to provide you a gaming experience you will never forget.  On the other hand, however, it is argued that the Nintendo switch’s accessories are overly priced which is a downside to the user experience and additionally, the games are also expensive.

Should you purchase the new Nintendo Switch? Yes! The switch is a new, innovative twist to gaming for which you do not have to take out special free time. Your handheld device can be taken with you anywhere and provide you with a pleasurable gaming experience on the go. As far as graphics are concerned, the Switch is not attempting to compete with the Xbox consoles or the Playstation, it only provides you with a convenient, sociable games machine that you can take with you wherever, whenever.